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Scenery in Japan. Mountain forest scenery in Ohnan Town


Ohnan, Ohchi-gun, Shimane-ken is…

Ohnan is a town known for agriculture, located in the middle of Shimane-ken, with a population of 11,966 people (according to National Census 2010). 
There are many unique farms, such as a sturgeon farm, a large berried grape Pione farm, cherry, bluebery, and a diary farm known for complete pasturagegrazing. The town is also known for Iwami Wagyu farm, where they produce only 200 cows yearly. Celebrity chef Remi Hirano is a fan of Iwami Wagyu.

As it is close to the World Heritage, Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, Ohnan town is a great place where you can enjoy sightseeing from Hiroshima to Shimane.

For example:Hiroshima→Ohnan Town→Izumo-taisha→Matsue Castle→Adachi Museum


【Iwami Ginzan】 World Heritage

Iwami Ginzan is a silver mine, which yielded a large portion of the world‘s silver in the golden age. It was registered as a World Heritage Site because of its harmony with nature. The townscape with many traditional buildings is also one of its highlights.

【Izumo-taisha】National Treasure

Izumo-taisha is an old Shinto shrine, whose foundation is written in Japan’s oldest history book “Kojiki.” In October, there is a gathering of gods from all places in Japan. Izumo-taisha symbolizes the country of gods, Izumo.

【Matsue Castle】National Treasure

Matsue Castle is the only one castle in Japan that has never rebuilt after its foundation in the 1600s.

【Adachi Museum of Art】

Adachi museum is famous for over 1500 works of art (ex. Japanese paintings and potteries) and its vast Japanese Garden, which was chosen as the best garden by the magazine, “Journal of Japanese Gardening.”

■A Rank Gourmet town which has abundant foods, and food culture

■STAY-Japanese scenery and Omotenashi (hospitality)

Access to Ohnan town

【Contact information: Ohnan town Tourism Association】

Address:Koboku No Mori Park Craft Buiding, 7154-10 Yakami, Ohnan-cho, Ohchi-gun, Shimane-ken



■Access by car

  • 【Sanyo Expressway】→Hiroshima JCT-【Hiroshima Expressway】→Hiroshima North JCT-【Chugoku Expressway】→Chiyoda JCT-【Hamada Expressway】→Mizuho IC-【Prefectual route】→Ohnan
  • 【Sanin Expressway】→ShinjiJCT-【Matsue Expressway】→Unnan-【Prefectual route】→Oda-【Prefectual route・National route】→Ohnan
  • 【Chugoku Expressway】→Miyoshihigashi JCT-【Chugoku Expressway】→Chiyoda JCT-【Hamada Expressway】→Mizuho IC→Ohnan
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine ⇒ Ohnan Town 50min
Izumo-taisha ⇒ Ohnan Town 1h40min
Matsue Castle ⇒ Ohnan Town 2h10min
Adachi Museum ⇒ Ohnan Town 2h40min

■Access by public transportation

  • 【Highway bus For Hamada】 Hiroshima Station・Hiroshima Bus Center→Mizuho IC-【Ohnan bus】→Ohnan
    >>Bus schedule(only Japanese)
  • 【Highway bus For Masuda・Gotsu・Hamada】 Osaka Station→Mizuho IC-【Ohnan bus】→Ohnan
    >>Bus schedule(only Japanese)
  • Tokyo Station-【Shinkansen(Bullet Train)】→Hiroshima Station-【Highway bus】→Mizuho IC-【Ohnan bus】→Ohnan
  • Haneda Airport-【Airplane】→Hiroshima Airport-【Limousine bus】→Hiroshima Station-【Highway bus】→Mizuho IC-【Ohnan bus】→Ohnan
    ※Car rental is also available from Hiroshima Airport
    ※Ohnan bus schedule (Mizuho IC) (only Japanese)

Highway bus runs from Hiroshima. You can see the timetable here.
Please refer to the picture below how to read the timetable.
Get on the bus from Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen Exit) or Hiroshima Bus Center and get off at Mizuho IC. You pay the bus fare of about 2,000 yen when you get off the bus.
From Mizuho IC, you may take local buses or taxis to look around in town.


■Taxi services in Ohnan town

Yakami Taxi、Iwami Taxi